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A brief description of the master

jeudi 20 octobre 2011, par Administrateur site web master IST-EEA

Thanks to an exceptional research environment, the master IST provides strong basis in all fields of engineering science among with electronics, energy, control engineering, computer engineering and signal and image processing. English and communication courses are included into this training.

The first year of the master (M1) is characterized by a broad-spectrum and a wide variety of training courses given. Its target is to give to the students strong bases in all the following fields : automatic control, energy, electronics, computer engineering and signal and image processing. Its purpose is to enable students to comprehend the interplays between these fields.

As for the second year (M2), various specialized programs are proposed :
- research programs (R), aiming at passing knowledge suited with thesis studies in science and information, telecommunications and systems techniques.
- professional sub-programs (P), aiming at training managers with a high scientific and technical level background, enable to adapt to the future needs of the companies.

The detailed syllabus of the M1 and those of the M2 are available in the Documents section.

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